Maximise Your Business Reach
with Bulk SMS Service

Instant Delivery, High Conversion Rate, Right Target Audience at finger tips.

Integrated Smart DND Check Feature

Automatically discards the numbers falling in the Do Not Disturb criteria. Allows you to reach the right target audience at the right time.


What we Offer

Instant Delivery
Reach customers in no time. This incredibly fast platform delivers your message in the customer’s inbox instantly.
High Conversion Rate
Achieve high conversion with SMS Campaigns. Unlike emails, SMS have high open rates which ensure maximum conversion.
Right Target Audience
Reach out to the intended audience by filtering your campaign reach. Keeping a DND check ensures marketing efforts are channelized in the right direction.
Customization Flexibility
Create message templates with unique personalized texts to connect with the audience. Use dynamic scripts for enhanced customizations.
Low Investment & High Returns
Requires low investment to get started. Cloud-hosted SMS platforms ensure add-on valuable features such as campaign monitoring and analysis.
All-in-One Marketing Tool
Cost-effective, personalized, high conversion and much more benefits can be utilized from this easy-to-use all-in-one marketing tool.